World Sight Day 2023

Providing sustainable eye health care to low-middle income nations is critical in supporting their economy. This World Sight Day’s theme is Love Your Eyes at Work and Sight For All is encouraging everyone to take care of their eyes at work, while raising money to continue their work fighting the inequity of avoidable vision impairment in low-middle income nations.

90% of vision loss is preventable or treatable, meaning that we can boost the economy and quality of life in low-income nations simply by increasing the availability of eye care in those regions.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, every donation made to our World Sight Day campaign will be doubled between Sunday 8th and Thursday 12th October 2023.

Double the love you give this World Sight Day and make a donation now.

Eye health is important for all aspects of life and is critical to working safely in many jobs, both locally and internationally.

In low-income nations, where Sight For All does much of its work, eye sight is critical in preventing and alleviating poverty. Many jobs are manual and require eyesight to be completed, such as factory workers, farmers, teachers, doctors and truck drivers. Even simply getting to work without an adapted public transport system is more difficult.

When one member of the family is unable to see, not only can they not work, but they also require another family member to support them. This drastically impacts the earning potential when income is already scarce.

Top tips for caring for your eyes at work:

  1. Wear your glasses
  2. Blink often
  3. Take frequent breaks
  4. Adjust your computer screen
  5. Adjust your screens display
  6. Use proper lighting & minimise glare
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