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Will you give hope to those with blinding conditions, wherever they live?

As we edge closer to EOFY, we reflect on all that has been achieved in during this extraordinary financial year. But our mission is far from over.

Help to give the gift of sight by making a donation by June 30 and give the gift of hope to those in need.

John’s* Story

49-year-old John* who found a new path to employment with the support of the Optometry Clinic at Baptist Care SA’s WestCare Centre.

Before the pandemic, he was a proud entrepreneur, successfully running a small business. However, the economic repercussions of COVID-19 led to insurmountable challenges, leaving John* without a livelihood and eventually homeless. Facing the daunting task of rebuilding his life, he realised that his impaired vision was a significant barrier to securing employment opportunities.

Desperate for help, he sought assistance at our Eye Care Clinic. Here, he underwent a comprehensive eye examination, revealing a common age-related vision condition known as presbyopia. Thanks to the resources of our clinic, John* received corrective glasses at no cost. This simple yet profound intervention changed his life trajectory.

With his new glasses, he secured employment at a local manufacturing plant within three months. This job, requiring precise near vision, restored not only John’s* financial stability but also his sense of dignity and self-worth.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Hear From Sight For All’s Co-Founder and Chair, Prof Bob Casson, About Our Work in Mongolia.

Find out how you can help change lives around the world this financial year.

Co-Founder & Sight For All Chair, Prof Bob Casson in Mongolia
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