The goal of our Retina Initiative is to fight the rising impact of blindness due to retinal conditions.

In high-income countries, retinal diseases are the second most common cause of blindness after cataract.

In low-middle income countries, retinal diseases are an emerging cause of visual impairment.

A silent condition

Retinal problems may be largely asymptomatic until advanced stages.

Early detection and prompt treatment are the best way to prevent irreversible blindness.

Our incredible Visionaries

Our unique, sustainable projects are only possible thanks to our incredible and dedicated Visionaries. This includes Sight For All Visionary A/Prof Henry Newland who is pictured with Prof San Myint at YEH, 2015

Retina experts

Retina specialists diagnose retinal and vitreous diseases through a detailed eye  examination using highly technical equipment and testing. They treat conditions ranging from age-related macular degeneration to retinal detachment and cancers of the eye.


With the support of a L’Occitane Caring For Sight Grant, Sight For All is undertaking the training of Lao’s second retina expert and first female retina specialist, Dr Tui . Further, thanks to the flexibility of L’Occitane, the Fellowship was extended to include two ophthalmologists from Cambodia, Dr Channy and Dr Bunthoe.

In July 2020, we commenced the two-year Fellowship at the National Ophthalmology Centre, Lao and Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital in Cambodia, with the Fellows attending monthly online tutorials, learning from our dedicated Visionaries. Additionally, the Fellows have access to additional lectures, papers and learning material via Sight For All’s online platform and teaching by Cambodian In-Country Visionary Dr Long.

Hands-on teaching will be conducted in-country by local retina specialists and visiting Australian Visionaries will deliver face to face training once travel restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so. Following the training, the Fellows will manage their own patients and train their own colleagues, allowing vital sustainability. The potential impact of the Fellowship is astounding. Between 2020 – 2025, Drs Tui, Channy and Bunthoen are expected to treat more than 3,900 children and more than 34,000 adults.

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