Q&A with Chair Prof. Casson

In November 2022, Prof Casson (Bob) was appointed Chair of Sight For All. He has been involved with Sight For All from the beginning, founding the organisation alongside Dr Muecke and A/Prof Henry Newland in 2009. Over the years, Prof Casson has held a number of roles with Sight For All including Chief Scientific Officer, Chair of the Research Committee and has been our Vice Chair since 2016.

We asked Prof Casson some questions as he commences his new position.

Q. What is your vision for Sight For All?

A. Sight For All harnesses the expertise of a team of dedicated volunteers to foster high quality eye health care and eye health awareness programs. I envisage our team making a lasting impact in the reduction of treatable blindness in the Asia Pacific.

Q. What makes you most excited about becoming Chair?

A. Becoming chair provides a privileged and exciting opportunity to engage more deeply with our team and with our supporters.

Q. Why did you become an ophthalmologist?

A. Ophthalmology is a marvellous nexus of fascinating science, impactful medicine and innovative microsurgery with opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of individuals and at the population level.

Q. What are you most proud about in Sight For All’s 13-year history?

A. Our wonderful, dedicated staff and volunteers.

Q. Where do you see Sight For All in the next 13 years?

A. Sight For All will have grown to a much larger organization that is recognized throughout the Asia Pacific for “walking the walk” in terms of its belief in universal eye health care equity.

Q. What are you most passionate about?

A. Putting science and critical thinking to good use (and the North Adelaide Football Club).

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