Fighting glaucoma in Myanmar

Fighting glaucoma in Mayanmar

“We had a great morning of learning about family history and risk as many glaucoma patients were bought to the hospital by their adult children. We had three cases of these adult children being diagnosed with glaucoma by the students.”– Hana Melligi, Gavin O'Callaghan

Visionaries Hana Melligi and Gavin O’Callaghan led another productive, week-long Refractionist Training Program at Yangon Eye Hospital, Myanmar, in late April, 2018, demonstrating skills and identifying improvements in the delivery of the Glaucoma component of the BHIV curriculum to the nine enthusiastic refractionists who took part in the training.

The Sight For All team also delivered to the Refractionists Clinic more than 800 donated frames and sunglasses, supplied by Oscar Wylee Eyewear.

A template was created for a comprehensive/systematic glaucoma assessment form to be used by refractionists in their local clinics and as training progressed, the students’ techniques and practices greatly improved, with a better understanding of how to structure glaucoma assessment and the importance of thorough documentation.

The training program culminated in a very successful hospital-run glaucoma clinic on the Friday, with the refractionists practicing glaucoma diagnosis and bringing their learned skills together into a complete process, using documentation skills and assessing the overall risk of glaucoma for clinic patients. 

The Clinical Upskilling of Refractionists to Deliver Comprehensive Eye Care - Myanmar Project is funded by the Australian Government.

With a patient at the slit-lamp biomicroscope, optometrist Hana Melligi explains an aspect of glaucoma to refractionists Mr Aung Tin Hein and Mr Ko Ko Lwin.

Optometrist Hana Melligi instructs refractionists Mr Aung Tin Hein and Ms Wai Wai Zin while examining a patient using the slit-lamp biomicroscope.