Empowering South Australia Through Eye Health Education 

At the heart of Sight For All’s Australian community eye health awareness efforts are experienced, local optometrists who serve as eye health educators. These dedicated professionals conduct tailored education sessions targeting diverse demographics, emphasizing the importance of regular eye examinations and preventive measures. They delve into the five main causes of vision loss, covering symptoms, treatment options, and risk factors. They also champion the services and resources offered by other Australian eye health organisations, such as Macular Disease Foundation Australia and Glaucoma Australia.

Since November 2020, Sight For All has delivered 77 education sessions to over 1800 members of the South Australian community. Recently, Sight For All’s educators have been busy delivering education sessions in Eudunda, Burra, Mannum, Gawler, Mount Pleasant and Kangaroo Island.

Speaking of her time discussing eye health within a Parkinson’s Support Group, Sight For All Eye Health Educator Dominique describes the setting was ideal for attendees to share their mutual visual experiences, “For many of the group members, it was the first time they shared their experiences with visual hallucinations. They were comforted by the fact that many other members had similar experiences and that they were not alone.”

Paige, Sight For All’s newest Eye Health Educator, has “enjoyed travelling to rural areas, including my hometown in the Mid North, and spreading valuable information about eye health within these communities. Moreover, delivering into other organisations, such as Carers SA, has been enlightening, allowing me to discover their initiatives and understanding how they can mutually benefit my patients and their carers.”

If you or your community group would be interested in hosting an eye health education session in your local area, please get in touch with Sight For All. 

Caption: Sight For All recently participated in a Men’s Shed Breakfast event, raising awareness about the significance of eye health.

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