Furthering education of our Cambodian Colleagues

Sight For All’s In-Country Ophthalmology Fellowship Projects incorporate an opportunity to undertake an observership in Australia. Observerships provide an opportunity for Fellows to experience working in Australian ophthalmic clinics and operating theatres, spending time with Visionaries who have mentored them throughout the Fellowship. In November 2022, Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Dr Soleaphy had this opportunity, undertaking a […]

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Q&A with Chair Prof. Casson

In November 2022, Prof Casson (Bob) was appointed Chair of Sight For All. He has been involved with Sight For All from the beginning, founding the organisation alongside Dr Muecke and A/Prof Henry Newland in 2009. Over the years, Prof Casson has held a number of roles with Sight For All including Chief Scientific Officer,

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Dr Dalin’s continued growth

In 2019, Dr Dalin completed her Corneal Fellowship with Sight For All. This gifted powerhouse has been furthering her experience by undertaking a Cornea-External Disease and Refractive Surgery Fellowship at The Stein Eye Institute, UCLA. Over the past few months she has been evaluating and managing patients with the attending physicians, fellows, and residents, observing

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A gift 12 years in the making

In 2021, Research Officer Dr Thomas Rogerson led a follow up survey into the prevalence of different causes of blindness and severe visual impairment in Cambodian children. This survey was supervised by Sight For All’s Co-Founder, Vice-Chair and Research Committee Chair Dr Robert Casson and supported by Sight For All’s Cambodian Country Officer, Mr Sith

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A sustainable solution to eliminate avoidable childhood blindness in Cambodia

Worldwide, 1.4million children are blind with Asia home to two thirds of these children. UNICEF estimates there are 5.9million children in Cambodia, requiring access to quality eye health care. Staggeringly, a Childhood Blindness Study identified that half of all childhood blindness in Cambodia is avoidable through early intervention and access to eye health care. To

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The UN Resolution on Vision

The Member States of the United Nations came together to agree the first General Assembly resolution on vision. This is a milestone resolution that commits the UN to reach the 1.1 billion people who have a vision impairment and currently do not have access to eye care services. The UN has committed to resolve this

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Adelaide’s Poem

When Adelaide was only two years of age, her mum noticed that her pupil was complete transparent. It was Christmas eve, and the little girl from South Australia was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where she was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. This rare form of eye cancer, affects children and in countries like Australia, the

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