On the ground, making a difference

Our Australian Visionaries:

South Australia

  • Black, Jo
  • Carrillo, Cesar
  • Casson, Robert
  • Chehade, Mark
  • Craig, Jamie
  • Crompton, John
  • Davis, Garry
  • Durkin, Shane
  • Griffiths, Andy
  • Hoare, Alan
  • Kim, Siew
  • Landers, John
  • Lane, Michael
  • Maddock, Todd
  • McGovern, Stephen
  • Muecke, James
  • Newland, Henry
  • Nygaard, Stephen
  • O’Callaghan, Gavin
  • Phipps, Simon
  • Rajak, Saul
  • Runciman, Jim
  • Simon, Sumu
  • Smith, Mardi
  • Taranath, Deepa


  • Arundel, Luke
  • Chi, Jessica
  • Chan, Elsie
  • Elder, James
  • Gaskin, Brent
  • Gin, Trevor
  • Hardy, Tom
  • Lindsay, Richard
  • Liu, Lance
  • McNab, Alan
  • Poon, Alex
  • Shuey, Neil
  • Snibson, Grant
  • Su, Charles
  • Sullivan, Laurie
  • Tran, Tu

New South Wales

  • Agar, Ashish
  • Donaldson, Craig
  • Downie, John
  • Fung, Adrian
  • Francis, Ian
  • Ghabrial, Raf
  • Hing, Stephen
  • Hunyor, Alex
  • Huynh, Tess
  • Lim, Ridia
  • Lowe, Dennis
  • Males, John
  • Maloof, Anthony
  • O’Donnell, Brett
  • Tan, Kim
  • Tumuluri, Krish
  • Tsang, Hughie
  • Watson, Steph
  • White, Andrew

Australia Capital Territory 

  • Essex, Rohan


  • Anderson, Ioanne
  • Apel, Andrew
  • D’Mellow, Guy
  • Forrest, Michael
  • Gifford, Kate
  • Gifford, Paul
  • Gole, Glen
  • Harrison, John
  • Lee, Graham
  • Paine, Mark
  • Shah, Shaheen
  • Sullivan, Tim
  • Walker, James

Western Australia 

  • Ezekiel, Damon
  • Isaacs, Tim
  • Lam, Geoff

Our New Zealand Visionaries:

  • Bennett, Sonya 
  • Best, Stephen 
  • Carroll, Stuart 
  • Hart, Richard
  • Mora, Justin 
  • Sloan, Brian 
  • Wells, Tony

If you are interested in becoming a Sight For All Visionary, please contact Judy Hatswell, Executive Officer on +61 (0)0428 049 888 or via email

“I’m constantly amazed at how much can be achieved when the right people are provided with the right tools and the knowledge to use them. Their palpable gratitude was overwhelming and we were providing the things we take for granted back home. You could see the joy on the doctors faces when they realised that at last they could thoroughly examine and treat their patients. The smiles on the parent’s faces when they found out that their child now had a chance to see.”– Dr Craig Donaldson, New South Wales

Meet Dr Mora


Meet one of our wonderful visionaries investing his time to give back sight.

The impact of childhood blindness is similar to that of cataract blindness, due to the fact that children have to live with their blindness for many more years. Sight For All has been tackling childhood blindness through training and equipping paediatric ophthalmologists in our…

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Did you know?

10,000 = the amount of hours Sight For All’s team of eye care specialists will donate to sight-saving training overseas each year.

$0 = the amount that Sight For All’s team of eye care specialists will be paid for their critical work.