Events Committee

The Sight For All Events Committee is a small specialist team that works to deliver unique, high quality events. The committee aims to raise funds for specific projects whilst also increasing awareness of blindness.

  • Mrs Mena Muecke (Chair)
  • Ms Heidi Williamson (Secretary)
  • Ms Judy Hatswell 
  • Mrs Melissa Emmett (Board Representative)
  • Mrs Lisa Daw
  • Ms Sarah Hyde
  • Mrs Felicity Keeves
  • Mrs Jane McMahon
  • Mrs Karen Rogers
  • Ms Joanne Rosa
  • Mrs Dawn Taylor
  • Mrs Feng Tam
  • Mrs Susie Taylor

Finance Committee

The Sight For All Finance Committee assists the Sight For All Board of Directors in overseeing the organisation’s financial performance, financial policies and capital structure and expenditure.

  • Mr Phil Jaquillard (Chair)
  • Mrs Leanne Harms (Secretary)
  • Mrs Judy Hatswell
  • Dr James Muecke

Marketing Committee

The Sight For All Marketing Committee is a small group of committed professionals, who develop and implement marketing plans to raise awareness and funds for Sight For All.

  • Mrs Melissa Emmett (Chair)
  • Mrs Judy Hatswell 
  • Dr James Muecke
  • Mrs Mena Muecke

Program Management Committee

The Sight For All Program Management Committee develops and implements program management plans; methods for collecting and recording data; develops strategies for monitoring and evaluation and reviews program needs assessments, final reports and recommendations that have been made.

  • Professor Bob Casson (Chair)
  • Dr Cesar Carrillo (Secretary)
  • Mrs Judy Hatswell
  • Dr Ye Win
  • Mr Sith Sam Ath

Research Committee

The Sight For All Research Committee develops and implements research projects to construct an evidence base for and assesses the impact of Sight For All and partner activities.

  • Professor Bob Casson (Chair)
  • Dr Cesar Carrillo (Secretary)
  • Dr Michelle Sun
  • Mr Stephen Nygaard