Ocular Oncology

In October 2018, Sight For All is commencing an Ocular Oncology Training Project in Mongolia. A multidisciplinary team consisting of a paediatric ophthalmologist, retina specialist, ocular-oncolologist, pathologist and a head & neck surgeon from Mongolia National University of Health Sciences have been selected to undertake this nine-month training program. At the conclusion of the training, these doctors will be able to diagnose and treat patients with orbital, eyelid, ocular surface and intra-ocular tumours and ophthalmic oncology services with international standards will be established in the country.

Retinoblastoma is an eye cancer that begins in the back of the eye (retina) that occurs only in children. Without early diagnosis and treatment, children are at risk of losing the affected eye and sadly can also lose their lives.

Sight For All has been instrumental in training paediatric ophthalmologists in the treatment of this deadly eye disease. This has included training of paediatric ophthalmologists from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam who are now successfully diagnosing and treating children with this deadly eye cancer.

In 2015, A/Prof Than Htun Aung, Myanmar's first Paediatric Ophthalmologist trained by Sight For All undertook intensive Retinoblastoma Teaching in Hyderbad, India. Through this teaching, A/Prof Aung is successfully treating children with retinoblastoma from around the country and training other paediatric ophthalmologists in the early detection of this disease.