Our Checks and Measures


Sight For All is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors compromising ophthalmologists, an optometrist, a lawyer, an accountant, a marketing expert and a business expert.

Sight For All is a member of the World Health Organisation’s Vision 2020 Right to Sight Initiative and a member of the Vision 2020 Global Consortium.

Sight For All is a member of the Australian Council For International Development (ACFID).

Sight For All observes the ACFID Code of Conduct in all activities that are undertaken. Individuals lodging a grievance with Sight For All who believe that the organisation has breached the Code are advised to notify the ACFID Code of Conduct Committee. ACFID can be contacted via telephone on +612 6285 1816 or via www.acfid.asn.au/code-of-conduct/complaints

Sight For All is committed to meeting the requirements of the ACFID Fundraising Charter.

Sight For All is registered with the Australia Tax Office’s Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme (OAGDS).

Eye care professionals lead Sight For All and coordinate all projects. With the depth of knowledge and voluntary service they provide, the outcome is a comprehensive, sustainable and evidence-based approached.

Further information about the Sight For All Constitution is available by contacting the Executive Officer

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Sight For All is committed to providing quality service to all individuals and organisations that we are associated with and we welcome feedback from volunteers, partner organisations and associated businesses to play a role in monitoring the service the organisation provides.

The Sight For All Grievance Policy details a range of methods by which individuals can lodge a grievance with Sight For All. Sight For All’s Executive Officer can be contacted via telephone +61 (0)8 8410 6855 or email jbickmore@sightforall.org

Political Situations in Partner Countries

At all times Sight For All monitors the political situations in our partner countries. It is not Sight For All policy to withdraw our involvement in our partner countries during periods of political unrest. Sight For All considers that during such times of unrest, the population is often most in need of our care. Sight For All has stringent policies to ensure that the money raised for research, education, infrastructure development and eye health awareness projects goes directly to the people and to the medical facilities providing care for the people and not any third parties. Further, Sight For All are not affiliated with any governments or political parties. 


Sight For All is a member of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

Sight For All is a member of the Vision 2020 Global Consortium.


Sight For All recognises the importance of your privacy and personal information. To obtain a copy of our privacy policy, please email admin@sightforall.org.

Sight For All is currently reviewing all policies including privacy, child protection, grievance, non-development activity, conflict of interest and Board & Organisational Document Access Policy. Should you require any of the current policies, please email admin@sightforall.org or call (08) 8410 6855.