Blindness rates in Australian Aboriginal adults are over six times the mainstream rate. This is avoidable.

Diabetes is the fastest growing cause of visual loss in the adult Aboriginal population. Over one third of Aboriginal people with diabetes have diabetic eye disease. Most are not being adequately screened or treated for its blinding complications.

Trachoma is a blinding yet avoidable fly-borne infection that begins in childhood and is still an endemic problem in the Aboriginal communities of Australia, one of the few places in the world.

Working together to make real change.

Sight For All was pleased to work in collaboration with The Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia, the Adelaide Crows and Port Power Football Club to develop an Eye Health Awareness video called, “Eyes”.

Our ambassador Andrew McLeod and patron Lowitja O’Donoghue are supporting us in our quest for better eye health in Aboriginal people.

Eye health awareness music video – “Eyes”

Talented young Aboriginal hip hop artist Colin Darcy (aka Caper) has written a superb song for us to raise awareness of the major blinding diseases that afflict Aboriginal people. Watch the wonderful video created for Sight For All by Urtext Film Productions and featuring Aboriginal players from the Crows and Power.

A big thank you to Australian Executor Trustees who sponsored this initiative.

Cataract surgery awareness video – “Big City Trip”

Budaya Productions have completed Sight For All’s video for Aboriginal patients who need to come from remote communities to Adelaide or major towns for eye surgery. “Big City Trip” is played to patients in the health clinics to help alleviate fears about the journey, the surgery, and its outcomes. A big thank you to OZ Minerals who sponsored this initiative.

Diabetic eye disease awareness video – “Sid’s Bad Sugar”

Sight For All have recently finished working with Rubber House and Eddie White on an animated video to raise awareness amongst Aboriginal people of the potentially blinding complications of diabetic eye disease. A big thank you to OZ Minerals who sponsored this initiative. Please click here to watch the video.

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